CM Punk May Soon Take Time Off -


CM Punk May Soon Take Time Off


Former WWE Champion CM Punk is beat up bad and will be looking to take some time off soon, reports

Punk has been having issues with his back and his knees, and has been beat up ever since returning at Payback in June. Since, Punk has been involved in several brutal matches, including a showdown with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam.

The belief is with John Cena returning alongside the growing presence of Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton, enough star power should present in order to write him off television soon so he can rest up for WrestleMania XXX.

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  • Juan Yusuf Mata

    I want him at Survivor series after that he can rest until Raw episodes of March 2014 that would be awesome also he will get a big pop.

  • Charlie

    I heard rumors that he would win the royal rumble. I hope he takes time off now so that can happen…if not I’m fine with someone else deserving like one of the shield

  • Steve Holsten

    And why did they pull Christian again?

    • Foster E. Baxter Jr.


  • william

    Seriously no punk or rvd, both taking time off, who wants TLC tickets, don’t know if I want to go now.

    • nakale meleksedek

      CENA,, DANIEL AND PUNK,, THIS are the best fighter that Paul recognize in the wrestling industry,, punk is the best in the world because he can fight until the last minute.. GUYS wrestling is not about muscles but its about skill and talent that a wrestler is basing ,,

  • GurlRocker

    That’s too long of a wait! WrestleMania is in, what April and this is October? Punk can take some time off, but how about he be back for at least Royal Rumble?

    • crazyseandx

      He was originally going to return in August, but chose to hold off on recovering more so and thus returned for WWE Payback. Be glad that he came back in the first place and don’t be so ungrateful. Before his match at WM29 he was competing nonstop since he was WWE Champion for 434 days! He was hurting in his knees and even MORE SO after WM29. Give the guy a break for God’s sake. He was in a brutal match with Brock Lesnar, had a No-DQ match at NoC(where he was basically speared right through a table) and I’m pretty sure that, rather than neither one deserving to lose or whatever it was reported as, the low-blow finish for his match at BattleGround was likely done to end the match easy for him. So, again, give the guy a break. He’s not John Cena, who we don’t want to come back so soon at HiAC(I personally hope it’s all a work considering he’s supposed to be out for about 2-4 more months).

      • Ken Kuhlman

        hey all he has done lately is loose anyway. How about he comes back at wrestlemainia as a popcorn vender. At this point of his career who is he going to wrestle, he could not draw flys. Its over Cm Puke has had his run and its over.

  • Ken Kuhlman

    personally i think that is great news let the little dude rest even better could Puke please retire and make my day

    • crazyseandx

      You misspelled Cena. The letters P, U, and K aren’t in that name.

      • Ken Kuhlman

        excuse me idiot I never mentioned Cena I was talking only of CM Puke in my opinion the most overrated wrestler in history

        • crazyseandx

’re just a hater then. Fair enough, considering that Punk has actual talent. Plus, he’s more along the lines of “appropriately-rated at a reasonable level”. Only John Cena is overrated. Punk isn’t always in a world title picture(as of late).

          • Ken Kuhlman

            I think hater is a bit harsh I have been watching wrestling for over 50 years and simply see very little talent where Puke is concerned. He would do well in the mid card of a cruiser weight division. Considering he does not know what a gym looks like. He is just too skinny and under talented in the ring to impress me. Also he has the worst finisher in the history of wrestling.

          • crazyseandx

            No. The worst finisher in history is The Cobra Strike as used by Santino Marella. And you’re blinded by his looks and size simply because, as you claim to be a senior citizen, you can’t let go of the days when wrestlers were all huge, muscular, and possible users of steroids. Also, there is no crusierweight division anymore. He is actually very talented and you can’t see that as you’re probably too busy salivating over guys like Hogan, Cena, Khali, Big Show, pretty much everyone who has huge pecs. I hate to be even more disrespectful towards you(considering how you’re claiming to be old) but….this is 2013. Wrestling has changed over the years. It’s not just limited to giants anymore. GET OVER IT, OLD MAN!!!

          • Ken Kuhlman

            The days of roids are long gone I can live with that. I just dont get all these midgets in wrestling. Let me explain it to you this way a good big man in a real fight will beat a good little man almost everytime. Seeing skinny lil runts like Puke fight full size men and win kills me. As far as Santino’s finisher he is the company comedian so he does not count.But in fairness the GTS is probably the second worst finisher in history.I love it when the guys have to push off his shoulders cause he can not get them up. HBK was small and I was a huge fan of his but at least he had seen the inside of a gym.

          • crazyseandx

            …you are a hopeless, lost cause. Have fun with your crackpipe, ya crackpot.

          • Ken Kuhlman

            once again when you can not come up with and intelligent reply you resort to name calling. Were you proud of your hero for his low blow win over Ryback?:

        • WalterWhite

          maybe if Punk shot his self up with roids like cena he could heel faster.and by the way you stupid fuck,you are the only IDIOT on this page so Y dont U go FUCK your self

          • Ken Kuhlman

            Walter I see no evidence that Cena uses roids, do you have any proof that would be news at 11. Then again I was not talking to you when I said idiot, but you proved yourself one by your language and your comments.

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