Brock Lesnar Expected to Be The Authority's "Plan B" -


Brock Lesnar Expected to Be The Authority’s “Plan B”


The latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio claims that Brock Lesnar is expected to return to WWE television following July 20’s “Battleground” event. He will then begin a feud with WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, and will face him for the title at “SummerSlam” on Aug. 17.

During the June 30 edition of “Monday Night Raw,” Triple H announced that John Cena would have to put his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on-the-line at “Battleground” on July 20 against three other men in a Fatal 4 Way Match. He then claimed that if Cena manages to survive that match as champion, that he will initiate The Authority’s “Plan B.” While many believe that “Plan B” is Seth Rollins, it’s rumored that Lesnar will actually be used in this role.

Lesnar, who has had his issues with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and their family in the past, is said to be the man The Authority will enlist to take out Cena and capture the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Lesnar vs. Cena at “SummerSlam” has already been promoted by WWE, and the two are the featured superstars on the official “SummerSlam” poster and DVD cover.

“The Beast” is rumored to be the man chosen to defeat Cena for the title, and then defend the championship at “Night Of Champions” in September. WWE wants to book “Night Of Champions” as a massive show in order to bring in more WWE Network subscriptions, and they believe that Lesnar in the main event will help them succeed in that mission.

How Lesnar will return and associate with The Authority should make for interesting television to say the least. The question is, will Lesnar appear first at “Battleground,” or the following night on “Monday Night Raw?”

Editor’s Note:
Excited for the return of Lesnar. Adds a sense of “what are they going to do here” to the next few months of programming.

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  • Saint-O

    Night of Champions: Lesnar V Punk??? Lol

    • Jayp

      Punk already announced that he has retired, he isn’t coming back. People need to move the F**k on already. It’s most likely going to be Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan. Bryan should recover from his injuries by the time night of champions rolls around and WWE has wanted a Bryan vs Lesnar match-up for a while now.

      • Big Daddy

        It was also announced that Punk’s new wife, A.J. Lee, was pregnant and not coming back anytime soon. Seriously, don’t believe everything you hear or read. He may be retired. He also may be getting healthy for a return gig. You don’t know and neither does anyone else.

        • Wetard big daddy

          She was on raw…..

        • Grumpy Gumbo

          It was not announced as that. She said herself she needed a break. Get your facts straight.

      • Grumpy Gumbo

        Ummm, Bryan won’t be wrestling ready for at least 6-8 months and maybe even longer.

  • Mitchell Taylor

    I would love to see Lesnar vs Wyatt in the near future.

    • Wetard big daddy

      I would love to see your moms vag sometime…. To bad she has the herps!

      • H

        You’re sick

        • Grumpy Gumbo

          WHAAAAAAAA! stop crying bitch.

      • Grumpy Gumbo

        Lmao, love it.

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      Yeah just what fans want to see. A top actual wrestler like Bray Wyatt get dominated by HHH and Stephahoe’s roid freak who only shows up a few times a year to collect his paycheck. I think not.

  • dan

    I’m not a big fan of the part timers but I’m even less of a fan of John Cena I hope fritz damn arm

    • Rashaun

      Fuck you ill break your arm

      • jr

        I’ll break your arm

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      Not a big fan of Cena myself but I would rather see him than that talentless part time roid freak any day.

  • luis

    Brock.vs roman reigns epic

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      Roman Reigns is epic Brock Lesnar is a chump no real wrestling fan wants to see.

  • Justme

    Poor Lesnar will be fed to Cena…

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      Poor Cena will be fed to that idiot with no talent. What HHH and Stephanie’s obsession with his roid freak baffles me. He only shows up a few times a year, he can’t wrestle, he sucks on the mic, He collects his paycheck and leaves. Yeah that someone I want to see as a true wrestling fan…..NOT!

  • Alex Monfra

    I dont understand why Brock Lesnar is a part timer, I know he had that injury a few years back but does he really have anything else to do? At least when he is WWE World Heavyweight Champion we will see him defend the title at every PPV, hopefully.

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      Because that is all he wants to be. It is in his contract. He is nothing but a talentless worthless chump. He does have the talent to be on every week and every ppv.

      • Alex Monfra

        How is Lesnar talentless? Every recent match ( excluding his match with Big Show at RR and his steel cage match with HHH) have been awsome. Worthless? Dana White said that when he was in UFC he was a big part of selling out arenas, liked him of hated him you wanted to see him fight. But I guess none of that matters.

  • Trips486

    Feel so bad for Taker. First a part timer breaks his streak. The whole match sucked and there was no build up at all. No proper ending and the guy takes time off right after. It made Taker look so weak right there. Now Brock comes back to face Cena most likely again and even if he wins he title. He’s going put shame to Taker streak even more. Since he’s a part timer. He has to drop it fairely soon. Taker streak is going be a huge joke now. All the top guys that busted there ass in the WWE like Shawn Micheals, Orton, HHH, etc who put on amazing matches with Taker at WM. All down the drain due to WWE being stupid having Brock beat the streak and end up losing fairly easly to Cena or Bryan.

    Brock should have never ended the streak in the first place. Since what is done is done. Brock needs to play the part and needs to be a monster. He can not lose for a very long time and he needs to actually be on T.V and not take every other month off. The only way this will work out is if Brock decides to stay for a long period of time at least until WM 31 and not lose until then. Then it would be sorta fine, but knowing WWE they will have him win the belts and drop it in a few months after which is just stupid and makes Taker’s streak look terrible. I can never take Taker’s streak as a big achievement anymore for him. The fact he lost it to a part timer that doesn’t show up for a few matches a year just ruined it all. Taker’s streak is going be extremely stupid now.

    • Grumpy Gumbo

      How about he just goes away for ever and not show up at all. Now that’s what true wrestling fans want.

      • Trips486

        I honestly would want that. If Brock can’t put 100% commitment to the company. He shouldn’t have came back. It just takes spots away from potential stars and current stars on the roster. I get it he makes good ratings but to give huge push to a guy that works only few matches a year is a joke to everyone else. I mean if Brock was full time then i wouldn’t care so much if he beat Taker’s streak. Since I know that he would actually be on Raws and other ppvs.

        Him beating the streak back when he was in the WWE the first time makes sense. Now it just seemed they wanted to rush everything just for greed reasons. It’s terrible and I can see why Punk would want to retire. The garbage that WWE is doing with there wrestlers is unbelievable. Giving there poster boy Cena title shots while potentially burying awesome talent like Wyatt or fully burying talent like Sandow is just dumb. Having Taker go out looking weak losing his streak to a part timer who doesn’t care about the WWE is dumb. These type of accolades deserve to be on people who actually care about the company and is going to bring new life into it.

        We don’t need Cena to be champion 24/7 and we don’t need part timers to win belts or be pushed. If you’re a part timer you deserve to put on good matches but never be pushed high above talent that’s going be there for good. It’s just not right. For Cena he needs to do what other big players did and learn to push other stars and stop hogging the spotlight. I mean even HHH has stopped going for the title. Cena needs to learn to just let others have a chance now. His time is done. Move on now.

    • Alex Monfra

      You do realize that in a sense The Undertaker was the worst part timer of all. He only appeared once a year and until now never put over anybody.

      I personally love the undertaker so I’m not shitting on him but people are always complaining that Cena never puts over anyone (which I agree with) and they always complain about part timers, but nobody ever talks about taker. Speaking of which I dont understand why people shit on Batista so much, sure he wasnt the best on the mic but he was still pretty good in the ring, and he was fully devoted. He wrestled nearly every Friday and Monday.

      In my opinion Lesnar, Rock, and Taker deserve whatever they get. If they win the championships, good they deserve it. If they start putting over other wrestlers, good they’re passing the torch.

      By the way if you go back and watch the match ignoring the ending you might find that it’s actually a good match, I didn’t like it at first either but rewatched it and it was good.

      • Trips486

        First of all don’t compare Taker’s part time status to the Rock’s, Batista’s, or Lesnar’s part time status. Taker’s been working decades and was full time. He isn’t like Brock that took his ball and went home after WM 20 because the “travels were too hard” for him. After all that Taker done for the WWE. He damn well deserves the part time status.

        Rock is also different than Brock and deserves more respect than Brock as well. It’s dumb he stopped WWE to be a movie star but he never did what Brock has done and take time off because travels were too hard for him. When Rock was wrestling full time he actually stayed full time and didn’t cry over petty things. There also reasons for why Rock and Taker are part timers. Rock because he’s done with the WWE more or less and into movies. Taker because he’s old now and has done already everything in the WWE.

        Brock has hardly did anything worthwhile in the WWE that deserves to be a part time status. His first run in the WWE wasn’t that great and his second run in the WWE he lost his first freaking match against Cena. I do not see the big thing with Brock other than he has outside accolades and he’s a big guy. Brock is garbage and did not deserve to end Taker’s streak. He already tarnished the streak by being a part timer.

        After Shawn, Orton, Edge , HHH, Punk, etc worked there asses and had amazing WM moments with Taker.A part timer that doesn’t give a damn about the company ends up breaking the streak. The match was garbage too. No clue why you said it was a good match. A good match was Shawn Micheals vs Taker in both there WM match ups. Even Punk vs Taker was better than Brock vs Taker.

        Lastly, the build up to the match made no sense and was dull compared to other build ups in the past. Then there was no proper ending but stupid Heyman Bragging about it and Brock taking months off. Point is Brock ruined such an amazing monument in the WWE, and if Brock ends up winning the title and being pushed further. He’s going ruin it even more. Brock is a part timer and unless he decides to go full time which he won’t. It be terrible title reign he has and he will most like drop it in a month or two after winning. Thus putting even more shame to Taker’s streak and a dent into Taker’s legacy.

        I honestly wish Taker does NOT come back anymore after what had happen. That whole thing just ruined everything and Taker has no special reason to come back. It will just remind everyone how much the streak sucks after losing to Brock. Taker needs to just retire now and not come back to the WWE. Everything is just ruined after Brock screwed it all up.

        There is one thing I agree with you though and that’s Batista return. I find everyone who hates him a hypocrite since they are fine with Brock ending the streak and being champion next yet they are basically the something part timers. No part timers should get title reigns and that’s why I was disappointed about the Rock winning the title from Punk at Royal Rumble. Rock is awesome but he didn’t deserve a title run. If you are part timer you should be putting over starts not taking spots away.

        • Alex Monfra

          I think comparing Lesnar, Rock, and Taker is right, considering I wasnt comparing their accomplishments, just their situations. And you don’t know why Lesnar quit WWE only he does.

          I do agree that Lesnar was the wrong man to end the streak but I don’t sewe how him winning the titles would hurt Taker at all. If anything him not winning the titles would make Taker look bad for losing to a man who isn’t good enough to take them.

          By the way, Micheals vs Taker was Great, I never said Lesnar vs Taker was the match of the century, I said it was good.

          P.S. Dude that is a long ass comment, lol

          • Trips486

            sorry for the long comment lol. This one might be pretty long too LOL. Just want to get everything in that I can think of. Anyways though I seen the match it wasn’t WM worthy in my opinion. It was dull and that has a part to do with Taker being old and not being able to do the best he can do. Which is fine but still if Taker couldn’t have done an amazing match he shouldn’t have done one at WM30 or chose someone else to do a match with. Since Brock is known to be not that great to work with in the ring.

            Also the main reason why Brock winning titles will hurt Taker streak and legacy is because Brock is a part timer. He’s either going to win the titles and drop them a month or two after since he can’t hold them a long time due to being a part timer. That or he is going to do what the Rock did and go on Satellite for a long duration of w/e feud he’s in or take months off with no title being shown on T.V.

            That being said if he loses matches too soon he puts shame to Taker streak. Since a guy who is suppose to be booked as a monster and hardly lose matches will lose a match right away. It will just look dumb. If he takes time off with the titles for a long time or goes on satellite to do promos. It will be dumb since that will make the title reign look stupid. No title on WWE is just dumb.

            To end this the only way I can see Brock winning titles and not ruining Taker’s legacy that much is if Brock goes full time for the duration of the title reign at least. Meaning he does Raws/Smackdowns/etc. Then drops the title at the earliest of WM31. Which will give him a lengthy title run. If he’s going be a part timer and drop the belts in 2 months after he wins them. Then no that be stupid as well and will ruin Taker’s legacy even more. Push new talent not bring in part timers to boost ratings for a few months then let them go for awhile.

          • Alex Monfra

            I see your point with Lesnar in that if he is not a full time worker then his title run will be pointless and disappointing but in my eyes it still doesnt effect Taker. The only thing Lesnar did that affected him was breaking The Streak.

            If the it had to end at WM30 who would you have end the streak? I personally think that if they built Orton’s character like they did in 2009 he would have been a better choice to end it, or Bryan.

          • Trips486

            Well who says the streak needed to end at all? Many people could have ended though and it would made sense. Orton like you have stated back when he was the legend killer, Shawn could have done it bc he’s Mr.Wrestlemania. They could have had Taker come out and challenge him again during another ppv to retire Micheals after that or just had Micheals retire another way. CM punk could have ended it too and claim he is indeed the best in the world. Though I wouldn’t really wanted CM punk to be the one but it would have made more sense for Punk to than Brock.

            They could of had Kane do it. Since there kayfab brothers and have history together. They both could have retired at the same time and would have fit there storyline perfectly. This would have been my choice of them all. Lastly, they could have pushed a new talent even though it would be a huge risk but if done right could have launch the new star career really high and giving him that potential to be the next main guy

            Actually it would have been fine for Brock to break the streak if they went with it the very first time Taker asked Brock to break the streak. They were both in there primes still and Brock was full time. Right now it’s just dumb since he’s a part timer and wasted something so amazing and tarnished the streak. To me the streak looks like a joke now. The way it ended with out a proper ending to it.

            Taker didn’t even do anything to commence the end of the streak. They just ended it. Trying to pass the audience like fools that might forget what had happen. It was a sad moment and the streak will never be looked at something so amazing now. It will look like it got cut off too fast and killed. I rather not have Brock with the titles to me it will just hurt Taker even more. That’s my opinion on it.

    • Norma Campbell

      I agree with you.

  • Grumpy Gumbo

    Complete fcking BS! I’m sick of seeing that steroid freak show up a few times a year only to win, win and win again. It’s sickening and a kick in the throat to all true wrestling fans. We don’t need Lesnar. And another Lesnar vs Cena is even worst. Thius is a joke and HHH and Steph (head writers) should be fired. Time for some new faces to emerge. Fans are telling who they want while the wwe ignores our request. It won’t be long before they lose more fans and the network will fail.

    Hey Stephahoe, no one wants to see another Cena vs Lesnar so go back to the writing room.

  • Norma Campbell

    I totally dislike Brock Lesnar. He comes across as a bully, whom I detest. I hated Undertaker lost to him. I don’t see why someone else was not chosen for the Cena match, for instance, Roman.

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