Backstage Update on Vince McMahon and Triple H


A new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has provided a backstage update on Vince McMahon and Triple H. Apparently, as expected, McMahon and Triple H are the “end-all-be-all” factors when it comes to every decision made in the WWE. There are a lot of people backstage that have power and influence, but every final decision is made by Triple H and McMahon.

We previously reported that the WWE creative team has been stressed out as of late, mainly due to the way PPV’s, “Smackdown,” and “Monday Night Raw” have been organized. The creative process for the WWE has reportedly been hectic and crazy, especially on Monday nights.

“RAW” is reportedly the biggest priority for the company right now, and creative aren’t even able to think about what’s going to happen on SmackDown until Monday afternoon, when “RAW” has been mapped out. According to the Wrestling Observer, McMahon begins to ask the creative team for a “Smackdown” main event idea around 6p.m.ET on Mondays, so it can be promoted on “Monday Night Raw.” This of course sends the creative team into a frenzy to come up with a match. This could be why advertised matches for  “WWE Main Event” and “Smackdown” constantly change from what is advertised on “RAW.”

Most recently, during the December 2nd edition of “Monday Night Raw”, it was announced that CM Punk would face “a member of The Shield” during December 3rd’s “Smackdown” tapings. Punk’s actual opponent was left as a mystery because as of around 10p.m.ET on Monday night during the “RAW” broadcast when the match was announced, McMahon had still not made the decision on which of the three Shield members he would want facing Punk.

Also, in regards to Daniel Bryan’s push over the last six months, which is being referred to by some fans as,”The Summer of Bryan,” it was not the creative team that did not want Bryan to end strong, have a WWE Title run, or even accomplish a big memorable “revenge” win. The fact is, it wasn’t what McMahon or Triple H wanted for Bryan.