Backstage News on Ryback Mocking Lilian Garcia


The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is claiming that Ryback recently took a verbal jab at Lilian Garcia on WWE television. While providing color commentary during the Jan. 6 episode of “Monday Night Raw,” Ryback insulted Garcia by referencing a backstage joke about the ring announcer having a “horse face” on national TV.

WWE employees, superstars, and officials alike have been talking about the insult, which to some was found to be funny, while others believed the joke was out of line. While at the commentator’s table during “Old School RAW” on Jan. 6, Ryback apologized to the WWE Universe for his voice being “hoarse.” Ryback then claimed that his voice had gotten that way because he had been hanging around with Garcia.

Garcia has reportedly been mocked for years by certain WWE employees behind-the-scenes. The constant insult has been that Garcia has a horse face, which is what Ryback was making reference to in relating his “hoarse” voice with Garcia’s “horse” face.

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  • Ed K

    called reckless in the ring, now reckless on the mic, wonder if he is a post mania casualty?

  • higgyd

    He’s one of those people that make it easy to not like him…..perfect heel material. Too bad he sucks as a heel, and baby face for that matter, and can’t wrestle for shit. I did enjoy his commentary Monday night though, LOL!

  • Adam khan

    Ryback is one of the all round shittest wrestlers with no respect from his fellow colleagues. Wwe should sack him and terminate his contract for insulting Lillian Garcia because she is absolutely hot and sexy

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    If WWE wants Ryback to be a bully, then mission accomplished, he has embodied the bully character nicely. Making fun of people is part of being a bully. Now book a babyface that hates bullies to give Ryback his comeuppance (Big E Langston perhaps?)
    That being said, now knowing Ryback was referencing an inside joke that Lillian Garcia has a horse face — and its pretty freaking funny! I’ll give him this, Ryback can be pretty funny at times.

  • Topher S

    Ryback to me seems like he doesn’t have the mental compactly to come up with something this clever on his own. I’m almost certain someone backstage fed him the line

  • Jeff Butterfield

    Ryback really is a bully! Wow

  • K Lynn

    so childish!

  • Kel

    Ryback is a joke I thought WWE were against bullying those comments are just wrong coz at the end of the day Ryback is just a bully get rid of him already his a joke and can’t wrestle for shit.