The Authority Will Address the WWE World Heavyweight Title Situation on “RAW”


As promoted on the May 13 edition of WWE “Main Event,” The Authority will address the WWE World Heavyweight title situation on “RAW” when it emanates  from The O2 Arena in London, England on May 19. As we previously reported, the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan, will be out-of-action for at least the next six-to-eight weeks due to a neck injury.

While the company is waiting until Thursday to find out how serious the injury is, it is now confirmed through this promo that the company will address the state of the championship while Bryan is out rehabilitating. The company has talked about a number of different options, with stripping Bryan of the two belts due to the lack of ability to perform being number one on the list. 

Stephanie McMahon hinted at The Authority’s plan to remove the WWE World Heavyweight Championship from Bryan during the May 12 edition of “Monday Night Raw.” She was then interrupted by Kane dragging Bryan’s body atop the entrance stage. While rushing Bryan into the back of an ambulance, Brie Bella shoved McMahon and told her to, “Stay away.” This led to a visibly angry Stephanie McMahon staring off-camera with evil intentions.

It is unsure how the company will move forward from here. Bryan could be out two-to-three months, which could mean he won’t be able to work “SummerSlam” in August. However, at this time, the company is hoping for a minimum of Bryan being out for six weeks, in which case they likely will not strip him of the WWE World Heavyweight title. More will be known when Bryan goes under the knife on May 15. 

Editor’s Note:
Again, I say, I pray that Bryan isn’t gone for more than six-to-eight weeks for the sake of his career, let alone his title run.

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  • Brobster

    Umm, 6-8 weeks equals a maximum of 2 months putting him back by mid July, how is that not before Summer Slam in August?

    • ed

      He said later in the article that Bryan could miss “two-to-three months” which would put him in danger of not being able to perform at SummerSlam.

      • Diablo130356

        It is all speculation about how long he will be out, as everyone’s recovery rate is different. Just look how quickly John Cena or HHH came back after their respective surgeries in the past. We don’t even know the extent of the surgery yet, he could be having something simple done, like the removal of a small bone splinter or something.
        Maybe he will have his beard surgically removed because it’s become too heavy for his neck? LOL
        The way the authority has been playing this though, if they do decide to publicly strip Bryan of the title, it will be more to do with “best for business”, than it is to do with any real surgery.
        Expect an ultimatum from Stephanie soon, saying that if Bryan isn’t back to work and able to defend his title by blah de blah, they will be FORCED to strip him of the title, and how very “sorry” she would be!.

  • Luigi

    Why not have an interim champion? Kinda in the same manner that the UFC does. Bryan keeps the titles but you give the opportunity for someone else to be the champion while he’s out. Then when Bryan comes back, have them start an undisputed wwe world heavyweight champion program. They sort of did this the first time Punk walked out, but I see Bryan’s absence as a longer one.

  • Doomsday vs Superman

    Why don’t they just have separate belt instead of combining the two together, It makes more sense

  • Dexter Sixx

    Why not another storyline like the old HBK/Razor one….

  • Tommy Webb

    If Brian is out of action for six weeks he will have to be stripped of his title(s). A champion who is not able to compete within 30 days has to vacate their title, it has always been that way.

    Hopefully though this could end up being the reason the titles get separated. I haven’t watched an episode of Smackdown since the titles were unified as it is not relevant, I just read the spoilers.

  • Tannim

    Expect Brie vs. Stephanie with the stip that if Brie wins Bryan isn’t stripped of the title. From there, who knows?

  • Andrew Hass

    WWE are probably waiting for the final word from the doctor before making any decision one way or another.The WWE i’m sure will want the title defended at Summerslam or at least some angle with the world title at stake.Now if they do strip Bryan i could see the WWE using Money In The Bank to crown a new champion.Now if Bryan is just out 6 weeks or so then i see him keeping the belt for now and the WWE figuring out a way to explain his absence for a bit.

  • Ricky Simmons

    Brian has to have the worst luck ever dammit……..