AJ Lee vs. Natalya Match on "WWE Main Event" Achieves Milestone -


AJ Lee vs. Natalya Match on “WWE Main Event” Achieves Milestone


On the latest edition of “WWE Main Event,” which aired live on WWE Network on March 11, Divas Champion AJ Lee successfully defended her championship against Natalya. The match received rave reviews from fans, as some even went as far to call it the best Divas match in years. During the same show, Dean Ambrose defeated Mark Henry to retain his United States Championship.

The Divas Championship match saw AJ Lee best Natalya with her “Black Widow” submission maneuver. Shortly before achieving victory, the Divas Champion was in trouble as Natalya had the “Sharpshooter” locked in. However, AJ was able to get to the ropes after a lengthy struggle.

In addition to receiving rave reviews and high praise, the match also achieved a historic milestone for women’s wrestling in WWE. Natalya and AJ Lee squared off for a time of 14:19, making it the longest Divas Championship match in WWE history. Additionally, there have been rumblings that the match is the longest women’s title match in WWE since 1987.

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