AJ Lee is Reportedly Pregnant -


AJ Lee is Reportedly Pregnant


Former Divas Champion AJ Lee is reportedly pregnant. According to a report from the same Reddit.com user that revealed JTG’s release before anyone else, Lee is pregnant and will not be returning to action anytime soon.

Lee has not been seen on WWE television since the April 7 edition of “Monday Night Raw.” During the episode, she lost the WWE Divas Championship to Paige in front of a ruckus WrestleMania-weekend crowd.

Once the news of Lee’s “sabbatical” request hit the web, rumors about the possibility of her being pregnant began to run rampant. The knowledge of her secret wedding to former WWE Champion CM Punk only helped to fuel the pregnant fire. Now, it appears as if the rumors may be true.

MetsFan4Ever, a WWE insider who initially broke the news of Lee and Punk’s wedding on June 13, has also revealed the information regarding Lee’s pregnancy. He writes,

“I have gotten word from a reliable source that AJ Lee is pregnant. I am looking more into this story and can’t confirm yet. But I figured I would share this story here first with you fans. We may not be seeing AJ for a very long time or ever again if this is true.”

PWInsider.com confirmed MetsFan4Ever’s wedding report on June 13, saying that the couple had a small, private ceremony on Friday the 13.

Editor’s Note:
Wow. I wondered. Everything seemed quite odd in the way they’ve conducted themselves since April. Makes a lot more sense now.

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  • http://twitter.com/TeamACesaro #SwissSuperman

    “: AJ Lee is Reportedly Pregnant – http://t.co/nUrEvxEYqJ – #News #WWE”


  • https://www.facebook.com/danny.hawtin.5 Danny Hawtin

    Well done to the pair of them. Best wishes for the future guys!

  • http://twitter.com/TeamRhodess stardust¿

    “: AJ Lee is Reportedly Pregnant – http://t.co/3Iqeb6M1nJ – #News #WWE” is this for real

  • Guest

    That was quick… Brooks you horny (and lucky) bastard

  • Atn

    Congrats aj lee !

  • TheRealityEra

    Congratulations to them

  • https://www.facebook.com/MJD1989 Michael J Dixon

    Called it.

  • http://twitter.com/RealHVargas Hector Vargas II

    cm bump

    • Guest

      How pittyful of you. I am almost soryy for you.A.H

  • Joel

    Aww.! If this is true, I’m gonna miss you AJ! NO ONE will ever compare to you. The best divas champion ever!

    • viper

      Bullshit…lita and trish stratus were so much better

      • Micro

        Erm… Womens champs?

    • chandler

      you joking? lita and trish stratus were 100x better than AJ Lee… get with it little kid

      • sergei

        Did you even read his comment? He said the best Divas champion, not women champion

    • Johnny Moko

      WTF are you talking about???

  • http://twitter.com/lemont_k tully blanchard

    “: AJ Lee is Reportedly Pregnant – http://t.co/ReMYGQcLl0 – #News #WWE”

  • Mike

    Come on Brooks, I wanted to see aj vs Paige

    • TheRealityEra

      I want to see AJ Lee vs. Paige as well but looks like we have to wait for entire year now or it may never happen though I doubt on the latter. But still glad for them

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100006287563726 Luis Delgado Garcia

    Chris Urbaez

  • Guest

    If it’s true, congratulations. If it’s not, it’s a shame that this has happened to Punk twice. I can’t imagine how pissed off I’d be if someone spread a false rumor about this shit, let alone if it happened twice. Hell, I can’t imagine how pissed off I’d be if it was true, and someone who had no business knowing about it went on and told even more people who have no business knowing about it the truth. I’d want to murder someone. Yet here I am doing it to Punk. Damn you curiosity!

    No but seriously, if it’s true, great for them. They seem to be a really happy couple. If it’s not, then whatever.

  • Rated Republican

    If this is true, then apparently CM Punk and AJ Lee jumped to TNA where AJ won the knocked up title. LOL

  • Justin Velilla Baez

    I’m glad she’s started a family. But she was truly annoying.

    • Nj

      Nah, you’re thinking about yourself, as AJ Lee was pretty talented.

      • Justin Velilla Baez

        Talented yes; in the ring. Annoying as hell and truly sucks as an actress during promos.

  • David Hovis

    I liked A.J. from the very start. She has one killer body. Punk, you are sooooo lucky.

  • https://www.facebook.com/gary.weinberger.3 Gary Weinberger

    Wrestling career over for AJ

  • https://www.facebook.com/gary.weinberger.3 Gary Weinberger

    Wrestling career over for AJ

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheDefiler54703 Shaun Becker

    Who cares. Punk abandoned his fans and it looks like AJ is on her way out too

    • Vince Vega

      Punk didn’t abandon his fans. He simply began focusing on living HIS life instead of living for YOURS. As a married man, father and as a human being I say congrats to them both.

  • Mekai Murff

    That lucky son of a bitch

  • Tim

    If she’s pregnant…she’s not coming back

  • Dr of Thuganomics fan

    I will miss aj lee.It’s sure that she can’t wrestle after having kids.Anyways congratulation to both punk and aj.Btw i would be glad to see cm punk junior in the a wrestling ring after about 2 decades or so.

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