Additional Information About Jim Ross Leaving the WWE -


Additional Information About Jim Ross Leaving the WWE


The Wrestling Observer Newletter is reporting some additional information about Jim Ross leaving the WWE. While it is still uncertain as to if the WWE Hall of Famer retired on his own terms, or if he was forced to leave, some people backstage in the WWE believe that Ross is not done with the company.

Sources state that they believe Ross will in fact be back with the company in some capacity before WrestleMania XXX comes around in April of next year. These sources also believe that Ross has signed a “WWE Legends” contract in order to be able to participate in said WrestleMania, appear in DVD interviews, and other projects such as these.

One source claimed that JR’s status with the company had been rocky since WrestleMania 29, and that Vince McMahon was just waiting for a reason to let Ross go. It seems as if the WWE 2K14 panel was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It’s also reported that WWE COO Triple H, who was Ross’s direct boss while working with WWE NXT and the company’s developmental program, knew that McMahon was looking for a reason to fire Ross, and was the primary reason the Boomer Sooner was around as long as he was. It is said that Triple H will always try to have Ross be a part of WrestleMania if he can convince McMahon to allow it.

It has been noted on and off camera that there was tension between Ross and McMahon because “Good Ol’ JR” would always tell McMahon his real thoughts on the direction of a storyline or the company in general.

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  • Matthew Maida

    I guess he didn’t want another Gorilla Monsoon with a lifetime contract if he could help it.

    • tommyboy44

      Gorilla Monsoon ,Arnold Skaaland and Phil Zacko were originally part-owners at the time Vince K. took over his father’s share. That would’ve guareented their contracts.

  • ag

    Jim Ross to call WM30 is whats best for business .

  • Tom

    Bring Back JR & Get Rid of JBL.

    • PKRebellion

      Keep JBL get rid of Michael Cole

  • CISH

    What’s “best for business” is for Vince McMahon to step down and let Triple H & Stephanie run the company 100%. The only thing that is holding the WWE down right now is Vince McMahon

  • tomduck

    i’m sick of the HHH/STEPH.thing! they are BAD for business ! maybe someone should listen to the FANS! J.R should be allowed to do what he wants!

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