30 Years Of WrestleMania - Every Match Revealed w/ Screenshots! -


30 Years Of WrestleMania – Every Match Revealed w/ Screenshots!


Over the past week on Wrestling Rumors, we’ve been bringing you a look at the matches included in WWE 2K14’s ’30 Years Of WrestleMania’ mode. Every day we’ve revealed a selection of matches, taking us from WrestleMania 1 to WrestleMania 29.

Now we’ve got right up to date, we can now reveal every match included in 30 Years Of WrestleMania. So let’s get to it! Simply click on a thumbnail below to expand the image and view it full size. Once expanded, you will see the detail on the specific match.

Please note these images are very large and may take some time to load depending on your connection speed. Readers on our mobile app are advised to view this article on our website via a standard desktop computer or tablet. 

Don’t forget to check out our WWE 2K14 Hub for all the latest news and previews on the game. WWE 2K14 is released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 29 in the USA and November 1 internationally.

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About Will Benson

Will Benson

  • Vincent Amoris

    Despite there are very important matches missing in this mode, I’m very very impressed and anticipating to play based on how well they captured the detail of each WM’s appearance in venue AND exactly what the superstars wore/appeared as on those nights.

  • TheGame1119

    No 3 way ladder match for the Tag Titles at WM16? Comon Man!

    • zackattack529

      *WrestleMania 2000

      • king booger

        Wrestlemania 2000 is Wrestlemania 16 you twat.

        • Aliikr

          But it wasn’t known as WM16. It was known as Wrestlemania 2000. Having to result to calling people names just makes you come off as retarded.

          • Space Pirate Monkey from Pluto

            That doesn’t change the fact it was WM 16. He called someone a name because he tried to correct someone for saying the right name.

          • zackattack529

            I didn’t call anyone names?

            Im just saying WM 16 is refereed to as WrestleMania 2000

            that’s all. you and King booger were the ones that got mad about it lmao

          • Space Pirate Monkey from Pluto

            First of all, I never said you called anyone a name I said King Booger did. And I’m not mad about you making a stupid mistake like calling WM 16 WM 2000, I just think you are a mark that just came here to see the screen shots.

        • KingBookah

          How dare you take a beautiful name such as mine as disgrace it? TELL ME I did NOT just see that

          • king booger

            Good evening kind sir. I, as you may know, am you, but you are also me. I am merely an earth 2 version of you. Or you of me? On my planet I am a ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time, ten time WCW Champion. Eric Bischoff bought out WWE, WCW reigns supreme under the tutelage of Vince Russo, and TNA is still TNA. BTW, catchphrase; TELL ME I DID NOT JUST SNEEZE THAT!!! (yes I have thought this one through)

          • KingBookah

            AWW HELL NAW!….I…wha…this cannot be!

          • Steven Buchanan

            god are yous guys 10 really arguing like little girls shut the fuck up your annoying me drop it damnnn

          • KingBookah

            Can we cuss in this mother fucker?

          • King Booger

            Ok guys, we have to stop. Were annoying Steven Buchanan. Please stop ok? Please. Stop. Were annoying Steven. Steven Buchanan.

  • Space Pirate Monkey from Pluto

    Wow. These graphics are amazing. Best in a WWE game.

  • Valfar1984

    None of the matches after Wrestlemania 18 are classic and don’t need to be on here.

    • Marc LaRocco

      Almost the entire card for WM23 was amazing.

  • Kirby

    Going off the screen shot they have for WM 2000, will they have it so Foley crashes into the side of the table after falling about four feet short?

  • Marc LaRocco

    Goldberg vs Lesnar, classic? Yeah, classically bad. No Hardyz vs Edge and Christian vs Dudleys?

  • Connor Murphy

    I am really upset over them not including Shawn v. Taker 1. I was in the crowd for that match and it was amazing, why did they not include it?

  • BITW44

    Can’t believe they only have 4 matches from the attitude era


    No Kurt Angle matches at all? I know it’s impossible w/tna, just doesn’t seem right.

    • Steven Buchanan

      i think they should have did the 30 years of wrestlemania next year they didnt have alot of time and next years game will be way better and yes i wish we had kurt angle

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